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Sugarless Ginger Tea
Coldness is the direct cause of many illnesses and diseases. The condensing characteristics of the cold can make blockages to the flow of qi and blood in the meridians. Pain starts where there is blockage. The tightening function of the cold can cause muscle contraction, or seizure, as well as difficulty in the flexing of joints. If we want a healthy life that lasts long we need to be good at avoid coldness.

Frequently seen in old Chinese movies is the scene in which an elder would ask for a preparation of ginger tea for a person recently caught in a shower or somehow catching a cold. Such common sense is very important that a person invaded by the cold should drink ginger tea to expel the coldness before symptoms of illness occur.

Place one or two tea bags in a cup. Add boiling water. Steep 3 to 5 minutes. Honey or sweetener may be added to your favor. Twice daily.

Sugarless Ginger Tea
(Case of 24 boxes)
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