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Kidney-Liver Mind™ Special Tea
"Kidney is the source of essence of life. Marrow has direct connection to brain". This is the traditional Chinese medical theory. Kidney is the foundation of body born naturally. Weakness of kidney leads to many kinds of sickness, such as lumbago, backache, cold, dry and losing hair, moreover, impotence, premature ejaculation, and sterility in man, and irregular menstruation, lack of sex desire in woman. So it is most important to always keep kidney in good condition.

Rehmannia glutinose, Lycium barbarum, Polygonum maltiflorum, Angelica Sinensis, Chrysanthemum, Honey

Place one or two tea bags in a cup. Add boiling water. Steep 3 to 5 minutes. Honey or sweetener may be added to your favor. Twice daily.

Kidney-Liver Mind™ Special Tea
(Case of 24 boxes)
Price: $70.00

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Kidney-Liver Mind™
Special Tea